How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside?

The much awaited festive time is round the corner and so its perhaps the right time for the preparations to trigger. When talks are on regarding Christmas preparations, then the major question that comes to mind is - "How to Hang Christmas lights outside?"

Hanging Christmas lights outside is a big task but is equally fun too. For this you have to follow a series of valuable steps so that you don't miss out on some key things while decorating your place.

Firstly, collect all the needed stuff. Before you start hanging lights, check whether you have all the stuff available with you or not. The key materials being: a firm ladder, properly working lights( C9 bulbs, small lights, icicle lights, C7 bulbs etc.), light clips, extension cords, some big sized containers which can be hooked to ladder for storing the stuff needed to hang lights etc. This way you can shop for things which you don't have and be ready to hang gleaming lights outside.

Secondly, Follow a design. While hanging lights be sure of the look you want. You have to be particular about symmetry and shapes and for this you need to mark points and measure exact lengths of the lights. Remember you can create the pattern you want only if you will be patient and hang lights in a disciplined manner.

Thirdly, be sure of the lights you go for. Big sized bulbs don't look good when hanged, while icicle lights look amazing when hanged from roof top.

Fourthly, select clips as per lights. The clips should hold base of lights and not the bulbs as holding bulbs can destroy the lights. So, in case of small lights go for small clips and vice versa.

Fifthly, keep the wiring stuff at safe modes and out of reach of children and hang lights in a way that is safe and beautiful at the same time. Be sure that the plugging is done keeping in mind the load that a plug can take to avoid any danger.

Finally, switch on the lights and enjoy the mesmerizing view from outside.

So, this Christmas hang lights outside securely and in a captivating manner and shop for all the needed stuff to get the proper look.


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